Released: Secret Affection – Chapter 4

Chapter 4 of Secret Affection has been posted. Thank you.


Released: Conflicted – Chapter 122 (Epilogue)

The finale is here!

Chapter 122 (Epilogue) of Conflicted has been posted.

122 chapters! I can’t believe it myself too! Haha. It has been a wonderful journey. I hope you have a great time reading this, just as much as I do writing this.

Thank you for your never-ending support. Thank you!

*I will post a note regarding what’s next in a separate post. Thank you.

Released: Conflicted – Chapter 119

Hello readers,

Surprised! Yes, I am surprised myself as well… hahahahaha. I can’t believe this. *crying and laughing at the same time.*

I mean I just checked my site, though I am aware it is around the corner but I didn’t expect I will reach this milestone now… the site has reached 250,000 views today!

So here is the ‘thank you’ post, Chapter 119 of Conflicted.

Thank you everyone for your support, though I am not sure about this but I hope we are able to make it to the next milestone of 300,000 views!