Released: Secret Affection – Chapter 62

Hi all,

Back to work but not completely healed. Had a severe damage to voice box so I’ve lost my voice actually. My voice is not back yet and doctor has asked me not to talk for a week, so… haha.

Thank you so much for the get well soon greetings. ❤  And thank you for understanding.

Here’s Chapter 62 of Secret Affection.

Thank you.


Released: Secret Affection – Chapter 54

Out of nowhere I feel like I want to post an update, so here it is; Chapter 54 of Secret Affection.

On another note, I haven’t had the time for the past 2 months to work/write this story, so I hope things will get better for me from middle of next month on because I have so many things to rush (deadlines sheesh) so I hope can focus on this after that.

When I have completed this story on my side (offline), I will most likely go out on full posting speed. However, these are all in my mind. Will keep you all updated when I have reached that level. 🙂

Enjoy the surprise update. See you again tomorrow.

Thank you.