My Loved One

Status: Completed
Posted in 2013-2014.



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41 thoughts on “My Loved One

  1. Hi Ann

    I have been checking the whole morning for Chapter 51 for I don’t know how many times & at last it came!! 🙂

    Thanks a lot…and its another tense ending again..


  2. Hi Ann_hor! It’s me, cutejet623. It’s only now I get to read your email that’s why I was able to catch for the last 3 Chapters. I’m so happy with the Story’s development. ^_^ I hope Amanda buzz off completely out of their lives. But I think this may not be that last that I’ll be reading about her.

  3. hi authornim its me larahoropesa34!! i actually used my other username which is RMVIPSHCJ501…..thought that you might not notice this so i thought about informing you here in case i would leave a comment again. i just wanna ask if you are still going to post the precious chapters of My Loved One here also??

  4. Hopefully ximen’s parents will be nice to xiao you and emily. Looking forward to yr next update next friday. Have a great rest and a prosperous lunar new year!!!

  5. Hi miss. Ann_hor I really love all of your fanfic..I wish I had a talent in writing like you..but I have a froblem I cannot read the MY LOVE ONE chap 1 can you pls tell me how can I read that??
    I’m waiting for your reply

  6. Hi miss.Ann_hor
    I really love all your fanfic,,I wish I had a talent in writing like you..can you tell me how can I read the MY LOVE ONE chap 1 because I cannot find it hope you can help me with that
    waiting for your reply

    • Hi jiadi,

      Thank you for your comment and support :). Actually I haven’t upload chapter 1-49 of My Loved One in this site yet. I have just created this site not too long ago as a replacement to a fan fiction site that I have been posting my stories at for many years which had recently failed to work. I was posting My Loved One in that site and then the site went down shortly after I posted Chapter 46 and the site has never returned to its original state resulting to the creation of this site.

      Don’t worry, it wasn’t error on your side because the chapters are indeed not available here in this site yet. I will post them up soon. I will try to post the first few chapters today if it is possible so that you can read them first. 🙂

      Thanks again.

  7. Hi… Ann, my loved one its my favorite story from u, i read this story from winglin long time ago n finished in a couple week….sorry i just comment in this site….

    • Thanks rezi. It took me a long time to write that story (hahaha) and it is great to know you like it. 🙂
      My Loved One is only posted halfway in winglin and then the site broke down. That is when I started this site and continued posting the story to its end here. All my previous stories in winglin have been posted in this site now.

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